Kalevala Studio: a creative film and TV sound hub in Helsinki, Finland

2023 brought new winds and fresh faces. Kalevala Studio expanded and diversified; a group of like minded colleagues and their companies formed a creative hub that’s still called Kalevala Studio but will be much wider in scope than before.

Dolby Atmos, foley, sound editing, you name it

We offer services like Dolby Atmos mixing plus the standard 5.1, 7.1, stereo, even mono if required! Our diverse team will deliver foleys, recording, editing and mixing them as you require. Sound editing and location recording services for the audio post production community are also done to perfection.

Let this be the starting point

We will also be educating mixers, foley recordists and field recordists, mentoring and supervising sound productions and liaising with and supporting international crews for their different needs. More info: audioakatemia.fi